About Us

Hello, my name is Ryan Savage (@thebeardedarcher on Instagram) and I started Caledonian Archery in order to combine two of my passions, archery and making things for myself.

I have always been into hobbies, building and painting models since I was young, for example. So, when I got into archery, making and painting arrows was just a natural progression. I built myself an arrow painting jig, experimented with different colour schemes, crowning colours, wood stains, feather shapes, I just couldn't stop. I started making my own Flemish Twist strings after buying some of questionable quality. I really thought I could do better. After a while, people started commenting on my arrows and strings and I sold a few to club mates. I then decided to give it a go and started up a shop on Etsy. I was surprised to find that people where buying my stuff. I got really good feedback and so I decided to go all in and here we are, with this website full of my strings, arrows more. 

I take great pride in hand making all of these products to suit your needs. Everything is customised to your specifications. From hand painted crested arrows to twisting up just the right Flemish Twist string for your bow, I am here to put some colour into your archery.